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PhD Student
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Technical skills:

Population genetic: phylogeny, molecular biology (DNA extractions, PCR …)…

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) : Thematic and spatial analysis and spatial statistics.

Mathematical models: Spatial and temporal models of population dynamics.


Research theme:

Study of the invasion dynamic of Reticulitermes flavipes in urban area

Termites in Paris cause important problems to people and city services since the 50’s, where they were recorded for the first time. Since then, the number of building infestation case never stop to increase. Given the extent of the phenomenon, local services decided to react and set up several agreements with the team of Anne-Geneviève Bagnères (one in 1994 with the neurobiology lab of Marseille and a second one for the PhD of Stéphanie Dronnet in 1999). The termite problematic in France is not only restricted to Paris, the French government become aware of the phenomenon and act the law n° 99-471 of the 8th of June 1999 aim to protect owners of buildings against termite and other xylophagous insects. At the same time, the STH (Service Technique de l’Habitat) in the DLH (Direction du Logement et de l’Habitat) continuing to record an increasing number of infestation declarations in spite of actions taken in place to treat and diagnose buildings in termited areas. This service, since the prefectural decree of the 21th of March 2003 classify Paris as a termited city (Arrêté n° 2003-80-1), have the power to coordinate fight actions against termite and force owners and managers to do treatment and diagnoses.

My PhD project get into a collaboration agreement between the lab IRBI and the DLH service of the city Hall of Paris and arrive as a third sicentific project aim to understand the termite infestation in Paris. It will take place in four years (3 years from CIFRE founding and one more year from the collaboration agreement). It has aime to better understand the invasion dynamic of termites in Paris and in France, and thus better determine and control resulting problems in cities. But, at this time, only one species of termite is in Paris, Reticulitermes flavipes. This introduced specie come from USA and is mainly there in urban areas in France. This project get also into a biological invasion context.

Image d'illustration

Picture taken by Thibault Andrieux presenting workers, soldiers, some eggs and two neotenics of the termite Reticulitermes flavipes.


Major publications

Perdereau E, Bagnères A-G, Vargo EL, Baudouin G, Xu Y, Labadie P, Dupont S, Dedeine F (2015) Relationships between invasion success and colony breeding structure in a subterranean termite. Molecular Ecology, 24, 2125–2142.


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