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Team: Ecologie Cognitive
Tél : 02 47 367366

Major publications

2015-1. Mohamad R, Wajnberg E, Monge J-P, Goubault M. 2015. Patch exploitation strategies under interspecific direct competition in parasitoid wasps. Oecologia, 177:305–315.

2013-2. Mohamad R, Monge J-P, Goubault M. 2013. Do resource value and ownership status affect intensity and resolution of contests in a parasitoid wasp? Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 147 (2): 99–109.

2012-3. Mohamad R, Monge J-P, Goubault M. 2012. Wait or fight? Ownership asymmetry affects contest behaviors in a parasitoid wasp. Behavioral ecology. 23: 1330-1337.

2011-4. Mohamad R, Monge J-P, Goubault M. 2011. Agonistic interactions and their implications for parasitoid species coexistence. Behavioral Ecology. 22:1114-1122.

2010-5. Mohamad R, Monge J-P, Goubault M. 2010. Can subjective resource value affect aggressiveness and contest outcome in parasitoid wasps? Animal Behaviour. 80:629-636.


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