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Assistant Professor
Team: Ecologie Cognitive
Tél : 02 47 367087

Major publications

Jarrige A, Kassis A, Schmoll T & Goubault M. 2016. Recently mated males of a lek-mating insect intensify pre-copulatory mate guarding but not sperm expenditure under male competition. Animal Behaviour 117:21-34.

Mesterton-Gibbons M, Dai Y & Goubault M. 2016. Modeling the evolution of winner and loser effects: A survey and prospectus. Mathematical Biosciences 274: 33–44.

Jarrige A, Body M, Giron D, Greenfield M & Goubault M. 2015. Amino acid composition of the bushcricket spermatophore and the function of courtship feeding: variable composition suggests a dynamic role of the nuptial gift. Physiology & Behavior 151: 463-468.

Jarrige A, Riemann D, Goubault M & Schmoll T. 2015. Strategic sperm allocation in response to perceived sperm competition risk in a lekking insect. Animal Behaviour 109: 81-87.

Jarrige A, Greenfield M & Goubault M. 2013. Are male song traits reliable signals about direct benefits for females? Animal Behaviour, 85: 1427–1434.

Goubault M & Decuignière M. 2012. Prior experience and contest outcome: winner effects persist in absence of evident loser effects in a parasitoid wasp. The American Naturalist 180: 364-371.

Mohamad R, Monge JP & Goubault M. 2011. Agonistic interactions and their implications for parasitoid species coexistence. Behavioral Ecology 22: 1114-1122.

(4) Mohamad R, Monge JP & Goubault M. 2010. Can subjective resource value affect aggressiveness and contest outcome in parasitoid wasps? Animal Behaviour 80: 629-636.

 (3) Bentley T, Hull T, Hardy ICW & Goubault M. 2009. The elusive paradox: owner-intruder roles, strategies, and outcomes in parasitoid contests. Behavioral Ecology 20: 296-304.

 Goubault M, Batchelor TP, Romani R, Linforth RST, Fritzsche M, Francke W & Hardy ICW. 2008. Volatile chemical release by bethylid wasps: identity, phylogeny, anatomy and behaviour. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 94: 837-852.

 (5) Goubault M, Mack AFS & Hardy ICW. 2007. Encountering competitors reduces clutch size and increases offspring size in a parasitoid with female-female fighting.Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 274: 2571-2577.

 (2) Goubault M, Scott D & Hardy ICW. 2007. The importance of offspring value: maternal defence in parasitoid contests. Animal Behaviour 74: 437-446.

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 Goubault M, Outreman Y, Poinsot D & Cortesero AM. 2005. Patch exploitation strategies of parasitic wasps under intraspecific competition. Behavioral Ecology 16: 693-701.

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