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Assistant Professor
Team: Neuro-Ethologie
Tél : 02 47 367342

Major publications

Guerrieri F., d'Ettorre P., Devaud J.M. & Giurfa M. Long-term memories ar stabilised via protein synthesis in Camponotus fellah ants. Journal of Experimental Biology 214: 3300-3304.


Bos N., Guerrieri F. & d'Ettorre P. (2010). Significance of chemical recognition cues is context dependent in ants. Animal Behaviour 80: 839-844. • Publication recommandée sur le site: Faculty of 1000; le 19 Avril, 2009., le 3 février, 2011.


Stroeymeyt N., Guerrieri F., van Zweden J. & d'Ettorre P. (2010). Rapid decission making with side-specific perceptual discrimination in ants. PLoS ONE 5: e12377.


Guerrieri F. & d'Ettorre P. (2010). Associative learning in ants: conditioning of the maxilla-labium extension response in Camponotus aethiops. Journal of Insect Physiology, 56: 88-92.


Guerrieri F., Nehring V., Jørgensen C., Nielsen J., Galizia C.G. & d'Ettorre P. Ants recognize foes and not friends. Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Biological Sciences), 276: 2461-2468.


Guerrieri F. & d'Ettorre P. (2008). The mandible opening response: quantifying aggression elicited by chemical cues in ants. Journal of Experimental Biology, 211: 1109-1113.

Guerrieri F., Lachnit H., Gerber B. & Giurfa M. (2005). Olfactory Blocking and odorant similarity in the honeybee. Learning and Memory, 12: 86-95.

Guerrieri F., Schubert M., Sandoz J.C. & Giurfa M. (2005). Perceptual and neural olfactory similarity in honeybees. PLoS Biology, 3: e60.

Balderrama N., Núñez J., Guerrieri F. & Giurfa M. (2002). Different functionality of 2 heptanone and isopentyl acetate, two alarm substances of the honeybee, in an appetitive and an aversive context. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 188:485-491.

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