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Oct 24, 2017
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Doctoral thesis

Estefanía QUENTA

tuesday 14 november 2017, 13h15, thesis room

Using empirical and experimental approaches, we assessed the effects of three components of climate change on alpine aquatic diversity: glacier’ influence, elevation, and temperature. We found that: 1) intermediate levels of glacial influence on peatland’s catchment resulted in a high environmental heterogeneity and high local zooplankton diversity. Thirteen percent of the total regional aquatic diversity was restricted to peatlands with a high percentage of glacial influence. This diversity might be lost in a context of glacial retreat and a future increasing warming. 2) environmental and spatial filters contributed significantly to the zooplankton community structure at higher spatial scales and the important role of the environmental filter at small spatial scale, likely influenced by disturbance events 3) water temperature influenced on the predator attack velocity, but not on the prey-predation interaction between Anax imperator and Daphnia magna, and the predator’s capture probability mainly depended on the precision of the predator in capturing the prey. This work suggests that there is a multi-scale structure of the potential effects of climate change on alpine aquatic diversity.
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