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About Us


Welcome to the website of the IRBI!

Insect Biology Research Institute (IRBI)


Faculty of Science and Technology

Avenue Monge, Parc Grandmont

37200 TOURS (France)


The IRBI is a joint research unit of the University of Tours and the French CNRS hosting 37 scientists, 18 technicians and a variable number of post-docs and PhD students.


Our institute is devoted to the analysis of adaptive and evolutionary processes across organization levels, from genome to communities. The research work is based on the methods and concepts of ecology, integrative physiology, behavioural sciences and genetics, in all cases within an evolutionary frame. Different teams having in common their interest on insects as biological models, develop multidisciplinary research joining complementary competences and supported by an important network of national and international collaborations.

The workforces of our institute are organised in three research teams interested, respectively, IMIP biodiversity and Functioning of Microorganisms / Insects / Plants Interactions, ESORE SOcial Evolution and Responses to the Environment, INOV INteractions Organisms-enVironments.


Another important goal of our activity is to provide training to the next generation of biologists. This is performed by means of lectures and practicals delivered by our faculties, researches and postgraduate students, as well as training through research of Master and PhD students, coming from all around France and abroad.
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