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Ecology of Multitrophic Systems and Biomimetism

We are a group of ecologists interested in how Nature works, in an ecological and evolutionary context. We work mainly at the organsimal level, but we also deal with population and community levels, focusing on the dynamics of consumer-resource interactions. All topics are approadched in a highly integrative and broadly defined fashion. Tous les sujets sont abordés dans leur sens le plus large et d’une manière essentiellement integrative. The choice of topics and arthropod species is eclectic on purpose.

Our backgrounds reflect this diversity: our interdisciplinary research team hosts indeed biologists, mathematicians and engineers.

Our research is organized around 4 different scientific themes for the Quantitative Ecology group lead by  Prof. C. SUPPO :
- Physical Ecology

- Mathematic Modelling (Prof.C.SUPPO)

- Climatic Changes (Dr. S. PINCEBOURDE)

- Behavioral Ecology (Prof.J-P.MONGE)

2 different scientific themes for the Functional Ecology group lead by Dr. D. GIRON :

- Chemical Ecology (Dr.D.GIRON)

- Molecular Ecology (Dr.G.DUBREUIL)

2 themes at the interface between our 2 groups:

- Agroforestery (Prof. J. CASAS)

- Ecophysiology (Dr.D.GIRON&Prof.J.CASAS)

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EF: Functional Ecology
Leader: David GIRON
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