Kikikose Claudia Lange


le 6 octobre 2022

Ce kikikose aura lieu dans la salle de séminaire de l'IRBI et sur Teams

"Classical biological control of weeds in New Zealand”

New Zealand is one of the weediest countries in the world. Weeds are threatening native and productive ecosystems and biodiversity. Due to an enabling regulatory system and support from government and key stakeholders, New Zealand is a world leader in weed biocontrol. Biological control is a technique used worldwide where we attempt to restore the balance between a weed and the environment by reuniting it with some of its key natural enemies. For classical biocontrol, agents (usually insects or fungi) are introduced and released and then persist forever with little or no further intervention. In this talk, I will introduce you to the processes and some of the research that Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research is doing for the development and constant improvement of insect biocontrol programmes, including the assessment of insect-associated organisms.