Kikikose Dirk Schmeller


le 23 novembre 2022

Ce kikikose aura lieu dans la salle de séminaire de l'IRBI et sur Teams

"Pressures on aquatic mountain ecosystems"

Cette semaine, nous accueillons Dirk Schmeller (ENSAT Toulouse) invité par Stéphane (IMIP). Dirk nous présentera ses travaux sur : "Pressures on aquatic mountain ecosystems"

Although montane species are well adapted to life at extremes, they are highly vulnerable to human derived ecosystem threats. The presentation
will talk about pandemics, my research in mountains on anthropogenic impacts on mountain aquatic ecosystems. I will highlight how epizootic
events in mountain lakes can be traced by to climate change and other anthropogenic disturbances. I will then discuss the cascade of "knock-on"
effects of climate change such as increased UV radiation, altered hydrological cycles, and altered pollution profiles; highlighting the
biological and socio-economic consequences. I particularly outline how these perturbations can provide opportunities for invasive species,
parasites and pathogens to colonize these fragile habitats, driving further changes and losses of micro- and macro-biodiversity, as well further
impacting ecosystem services. Ultimately, imbalances in the normal functioning of mountain ecosystems will lead to changes in vital
biological, biochemical, and chemical processes, critically reducing ecosystem health with widespread repercussions for animal and human wellbeing.