KiKiKose Fotini Koutroumpa


le 31 mars 2022

Ce kikikose aura lieu dans la salle de séminaire de l'IRBI et sur Teams

Fotini Koutroumpa, INRAE de Nouzilly

Le jeudi 31 mars, le KiKikose sera présenté par Fotini Koutroumpa, qui travaille à l'INRAE de Nouzilly depuis 2021.
Fotini sera à l'IRBI pour la journée, dès le matin et elle restera après le séminaire. Après le séminaire, elle sera accompagnée par Cédric neveu, le chef de l'équipe à l'INRAE.

Résumé :
"In the past 12 years I have been working on moth chemosensation. I have been joggling between understanding the origins of insect speciation through sexual communication and identifying as well as caracterizing the molecular players in the olfactory and gustatory system of moths.
During my talk I will explain to you how Ostrinia nubilalis, the European Corn Borer (ECB) mantaines two diametrically opposite pheromone strains. I will also talk to you about Spodoptera littoralis pheromone receptor multiple evolutionary apparisions and their influence on brain size.
Since November 2021 I have integrated the team of Cédric Neveu, MPN, at the INRAE of Nouzilly.
My new goal is to explore the animal parasitic arthropods' and nematodes’ sensory system. I believe that by identifying similarities but also differences between different parasites (including plant parasites) we could develop efficient strategies against each of these pests separately and in common in order to avoid resistance development to the proposed treatment. I will focus on their sensory system.
At the end of my talk I will briefly talk to you about the new projects I would like to develop on parasites such as the Red Poultry Mite, Dermanyssus gallinae and the Gasterophilus horse parasitic flies. "