Kikikose Lucas Marie-Orleach


le 25 janvier 2024

salle de séminaires de l'IRBI

«Modeling in populations genetics under the hood»

Lucas Marie-Orleach nous présentera ses travaux et ses futurs projets de recherche au sein de l’IRBI.


Theory plays a critical role in the development of biological concepts. Yet, it can at times be seen as a black box, providing predictions that are more or less used or trusted. As an empiricist by training, I took the plunge and went for a postdoc in which I had to develop simulation models in population genetics. And, after suffering for a few years, I find that it was not that difficult after all. In this kikikose, I will share this experience, aiming to demystify theoretical modeling by illustrating how I used simulation models to predict the effects of self-fertilisation on speciation rates – focusing on the methods rather than on the biology. To understand my simulation models from the inside, we will dissect and run a few one- and two-locus models, recovering my former outcomes. Then I will briefly outline how I plan to use simulation models in my future projects at the IRBI.