Kikikose Marina Querejeta


le 1 février 2023

Ce kikikose aura lieu dans la salle de séminaire de l'IRBI et sur Teams

"Evolutionary histories and ecological interactions to guide biodiversity conservation"

Le premier kikikose de l'année 2023 sera animé par Marina Querejeta (IMIP). Marina nous présentera ses travaux et son projet de recherche sur le thème: "Evolutionary histories and ecological interactions to guide biodiversity conservation".

Abstract : In the face of global biodiversity declines, the study of evolutionary histories and ecological interactions has gained increasing interest in conservation studies. During my talk, I will first explain how phylogenomics and ecological modeling are efficient tools to unravel fine-scale population structure of endemic and threatened species. I also will discuss the potential implications that this information can bring in a conservation ecology context. Second, I will talk about the potential of environmental DNA and metabarcoding to decipher ecological interactions and ecosystem composition. I will as well explain how this can help to improve conservation guidelines for specific insect communities, with the example of wild pollinators. At the end of my talk, I will briefly present my research project that addresses how I plan to combine the study of evolutionary patterns, plant-insect and microbiome-insect interactions to shed light on species eco-evolutionary history using a widely distributed genus of wild bees as a model species.