Fixed-Term Contract

What is the procedure?

IRBI regularly has openings for fixed-term contracts for engineers (IE) or research engineers (IR). The available offers are listed below:

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1 position of ENGINEER for a 5 month fixed term contract (from June 2022) to join the Hornet group, within the ESORE team.
Mission: to test traps with pheromonal baits against the Asian hornet in beehives.
Knowledge: chemical ecology, insect world and field trapping would be a plus.
The work to be carried out will be in the laboratory, but also in the field (apiaries) in Indre et Loire and in the Lot et Garonne.
Apply on the CNRS recruitment website : here


Organismal biology and ecology - Cellular and molecular biology

Biology of organisms, ecology and evolution - Behavioural biology and/or evolutionary genetics

Biology of organisms - Ecology and biostatistics

We are seeking a 1 RESEARCH ASSISTANT in computing / bioinformatics for a 10 months contract starting in May 2022 to work at IRBI in collaboration with the IT department of the university of Tours.
Tasks: Support bioinformatics research activity by facilitating access and use of the computation server for users, optimizing the sharing of resources and analytical pipelines, developing custom scripts, analyzing obtained sequence data as part of environmental genomics projects aimed at assessing forest biodiversity and understanding the interactions between viruses and insects.
Applications open until April 26, 2022 only on the CNRS recruitment site:  here