Lecturer/University Professor

The IRBI regularly opens positions for Lecturers (MCU) and University Professors (PU) within the framework of the national recruitment waves published on the GALAXIE website.
Before submitting their application, interested candidates are invited to meet the IRBI management and its team leaders to discuss the relevance of their research project and their integration into the institute. Each candidate is also invited to present his or her work to all IRBI members during a research seminar. Because university recruitment is based on independent juries, these meetings will only aim at giving the candidates all the necessary elements to understand how IRBI works, to help them identify the scientific projects of the different teams, and to ensure a quick integration after the results of the competition.

What is the procedure?

Contact us by sending an email to directeur.irbi@univ-tours.fr and contact.irbi@univ-tours.fr.
In your email, you will specify the open position you have identified, the team you would like to join, any contacts you may already have with IRBI staff, and the research topics you would like to develop. We will then come back to you shortly.

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