Other types of interships (M1, BTS, Licence...)

The IRBI hosts every year several interns in M1, BTS and Licence for observation and initiation to research. These trainees can come from all over France and from all schools.
We encourage you to directly contact the teams (via the team leaders) and/or researchers with whom you would like to work.
In general, it is preferable to contact the researchers well in advance of your internship period.

What is the procedure?

Visit the team and researcher pages to get an idea of the research themes of each team and the current projects, then contact the people you want by looking for their email here.
Please note that the IRBI has a limited capacity for trainees. Students who have taken care to find out about the main themes in progress often have a better chance of success because their more targeted application shows a much better motivation. Please be sure to give details of your internship dates and your level (M1, BTS, L1, L2, L3 etc) when you contact us. 

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